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Wilson’s Petrel named after the Scottish- American ornithologist Alexander Wilson
The yellow webbed petrel
The ‘peterelles’ are linked to St Peter’s walking on water.
Although it has to be said he didn’t do it for long but
maybe the pitter patter of the Petrel is just that.
Thought to be harbingers of a bad storm by sailors of old.

Oceanites oceanic

Southern Hemisphere circumpolar distribution but extends into the Northern Hemisphere on migration.
They skim the surface of the waves for their diatomic diet.

Mother Cary’s Chickens - apparently a corruption of Mater Caria - The Mother of Christ

An interesting poem about the Storm Petrel can be found in -

The Mara Crossing
Ruth Padel
a poem called
“The Children of Storm”

The Skellig Michael of that poem

The black igloo churches of the early monastery


But more famous now for

The awoken force of Star Wars

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